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KCSD Inclement Weather Policy

By Terri Cox-Cruey, Ed. D., Superintendent of Kenton County Schools

The winter can be challenging to our instructional rhythm and overall school operations. It is particularly frustrating when events, scheduled well in advance, have to be canceled or postponed. While scheduling and rescheduling events during inclement weather is challenging, our current policy is to work with each school based on their circumstances to make sure the activity takes place for our students. Positive, proactive communication is necessary for all participants as we work together to disseminate information district-wide. I want to take this time to review how decisions are made when weather takes precedent.

If the event takes place at one of our Kenton County locations, we are responsible for clearing off the parking lots and sidewalks. Transportation is another concern because we are responsible for bussing students to and from the location. The decision to hold, cancel or postpone an event is made based on the time of the event, location of the event and the nature of the current and expected weather conditions. We work together with all parties to make every attempt to reschedule the competition albeit academics, sports or the arts. For instance, we try to work with the school’s Athletic Director and Coach to organize the team transportation well in advance of any snowfall.

Each school is responsible for entering activities in a district database, so we can assess the time and location of each scheduled event. These events are reviewed daily and contingency plans are made with Coaches and Athletic Directors in the event of hazardous weather conditions. If you are not sure about a trip you or your child may be participating in, contact your coach. He/she will be in communication with the Athletic Director and Principal about plans to hold, postpone or cancel an event.

Student involvement is a critical part of school, and no certain sport, club or event is favored when making these decisions. To reiterate our policy during inclement weather, we look at the location, whether or not the activity can be easily rescheduled and transportation. The alternative is to cancel all events without exception when there is bad weather. Our student activities are important to us, but safety will always be our number one priority. We appreciate your support as we work together to provide extra-curricular activities for the students in our district.

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