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Jay Hardin
8th Grade US History Teacher

Turkey Foot Middle School

See "Big Ideas" on the right for Vocab Terms 

Dear Turkey Foot Parents:


I am excited and looking forward to working with you and your child this year. I have been teaching Social Studies for 20 years.  I live and raise my children in Edgewood and feel I have a genuine stake in the development of the young people of our community.  I enjoy sports, but also love music and play guitar and drums.

Our Social Studies class will cover United States History from the Causes of the American Revolution to the Civil War and Reconstruction. This year we will be starting with some world history in order to catch up on content that did not get covered during NTI last Spring.  I give vocabulary quizzes for grades.  These vocabulary terms are extremely important and I expect them to be used in Extended Response (formally known as Open Response) Answers.  These terms can be found on my teacher web page.


I have a web site that is linked to Kenton County Schools and TFMS’s web site. You can find “Big Ideas”; this is where you can find vocabulary definitions and Big Ideas/questions/ Core Content that will be assessed during each unit.  This year I will be using Remind.  Remind is an app that parents and student can download for free and stay connected to my class.  I will send out reminders of homework, projects, test, and quizzes directly to your cell phone.  Keep in mind that Remind.  You may still need to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

All homework and assignments are due on the assigned dates in order to earn a 100%. Any assignments handed in one day late will be given a maximum of 70%. Any assignments turned in after the second day late will earn a maximum of 50% credit. Of course, any student who has an excused absence will be given one day for each day absent to turn in completed assignments for a grade. Students who are absent the day an assignment is due are required to turn in on the first day they return to school.

If for any reason you need to contact me, please either call me at school or email me at (


Mr. Hardin

Turkey Foot Middle School

US History Teacher


Course Description:

The purpose of my 8th grade US History class is to help students become historians that will be able to analyze and interpret the meaning of history and to provide them with the skills for evaluating contemporary issues.  Students will attempt to find patterns and establish historical meaning through rigorous study of historical documents and artifacts that will not simply get them to present facts but help them search for an interpretation of the past.

Course Requirements:

          A Chromebook or another device that works with Google Classroom is required for all classes.  It is your responsibility to make sure this is charged at home each night and brought to school each day.  You must complete all assignments on time.



Course Outline:

The eighth grade Core Content will include, but not limited to the following concepts and historical periods:

The Thirteen Colonies                                 The American Revolution

The Declaration of Independence               Creating a New Nation

The United States Constitution                    The Federalist era

The Age of Jefferson                                   The Growth of a Nation

The Age of Jackson                                     Manifest Destiny

Sectional Differences and Reform               The Civil War and Reconstruction


All study is based upon the Kentucky Core Content, which may be viewed on Kenton County Schools’ website.








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