Special Populations


In The Kenton County School District, we believe that ALL children can learn at high levels regardless of their ethnicity, ability, gender, socio-economic status, native language, or whether they have a disability.  If any student in any class is not performing according to the state’s high standards and expectations, an achievement gap exists.  Reducing the achievement gap for these special populations is a necessity if all students are to reach proficiency.  There can be no excuses for failure, only reasons for student success in The Kenton County School District.

Whatever your role in the school or community, you can help ALL children achieve at high levels.  Family members can impact how the student learns and interacts in the school environment by doing the following:

• Expect Everyone to Read
• Expect Hard Work
• Expect  Rigorous Standards
• Expect Learning to be a Round-the-Clock Endeavor


Ellen Zimmer- Director of Federal & State Programs
Marta Scott- Director of Special Education
Beth Schneider- Lead Speech Therapist
Shelley Swift- Assistive Technology Lead

Tammy Kerns Pugh, Esq.-  Due Process Coordinator
Jennifer Bryngelson - Special Education Consultant
Danielle Rice- Assistant Director of Special Education
Suzanne Smith - Special Education Consultant
K.C. Ratliff - Private School Consultant
Nancy Hoffman- Special Education Administrative Assistant

Kacie Adams-Browning - EL Coordinator