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Welcome to our Finance page!
The Finance Department administers and manages Investments, Budgeting, Revenues, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Employee Benefits, Salary Schedules, Grant Management and Reporting, Financial Compliance and Reporting, State and Federal finance requirements, Audits, Council Allocations, District Bond and Indebtedness, and Risk Management for the District. The District’s total budget for FY2010 is $176M.
We have posted our most commonly used forms on the site so that you may retrieve them easily and quickly. Also posted are contacts for employee benefits, 403B/457 salary arrangements, retirement systems, and contact numbers for Finance Department employees.
Our Business Operations Procedures Manual is a document that we believe will be very useful to administrators, employees, parents and taxpayers. The Manual tells in detail how we do business in Kenton County, and provides links within the document to all referenced forms and points of contact. It is a great resource and reference tool for you when you are confounded about budgets, travel, purchasing and ordering, personnel policies, property management, grant requirements, etc.
Our Finance Department is committed to providing the best service possible in the most efficient and economical manner to the many that depend on us for resources and information. These include students, parents, employees, taxpayers and other governmental entities. The safeguarding, protection and preservation of District assets is always a top priority, but our primary role is providing the resources necessary for the best teaching and learning possible.

Contact List

Finance Department


Rob Haney

Title: Executive Director of Support Operations

Business Phone: 859-957-2619

Fax: 859-344-1531

Email Address:


Susan Bentle

Title: Finance Director/Treasurer

Business Phone: 859-957-2628

Fax: 859-344-1531

Email Address:


Erin Harlow
Title: Supervisor of Accounting
Business Phone: 859-957-2626

Fax: 859-344-1531

Email Address:

Name: Misty Jones

Title: Accounts Payable

Business Phone: 859-957-2602

Fax: 859-957-2670

Email Address:


Name: Cristy Richardson

Title: Finance Bookkeeper

Business Phone: 859-957-2685

Fax: 859-957-2670

Email Address:


Grace Mason
Title: Bookkeeper-Grants
Business Phone: 859-957-2690
Fax: 859-957-2670
Emal Address:


Jennifer Smith
Title: Payroll/Benefits Supervisor
Business Phone: 859-957-2639
Fax: 859-957-2670
Email Address:


Suzanne Porter
Title: Benefits Coordinator 
Business Phone: 859-957-2604
Fax: 859-957-2670
Email Address:


Cindy Fry
Title: Payroll/Benefits Specialist
Business Phone: 859-957-2629
Fax: 859-957-2670
Email Address: