English Language Development

Last Updated: 4/21/2022 5:25 PM

Goals of the KCSD ELD Program: 

  • Support schools in engaging every English Learner in high-quality instruction in order to ensure access to grade-level content, progress toward English proficiency, and transition-readiness.
  • Provide effective, evidence-based English Language Development programming delivered by highly-qualified English Language Development staff that moves students toward English proficiency.
  • Facilitate connections between schools and English Learner families.
  • Afford parents/guardians the opportunity to make decisions regarding their child’s participation in the English Language Development program.
  • Provide appropriate and regular assessment in order to properly place students, measure progress, adjust instructional plans and determine when students are proficient to be reclassified to monitoring status.
  • Provide professional learning opportunities to build the knowledge, strategies, and skills of all teachers to meet the academic and linguistic needs of English Learners in all subject areas.

ELD Department Contacts

Kacie Adams-Browning EL Coordinator
Lindsay Hetzel Beechgrove and Taylor Mill
Zach Dunford Caywood and Hinsdale
Nicole Montello River Ridge, Fort Wright, Piner and Ryland Heights
Kyle Jordan River Ridge
Megan Brown Summit View, Kenton, Simon Kenton and White's Tower
Scott Kremer Turkey Foot, Woodland and Scott
Tiffany Hammonds Dixie Heights

KCSD Lau Plan


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