It's a Beautiful Day in the KCSD...Share Your Story!

Last Updated: 10/19/2020 1:41 PM

It's a Beautiful Day



The Kenton County School District is looking for positive success stories during these challenging times.

If you would like to share your story of how it's A Beautiful Day in the KCSD, click here. 


Here are some stories that have been shared....

"My sons teachers are the BEST! He is in the third grade and has Ms. Gossett and Ms. Williams. They have made the transition back to school so easy and always turn every situation into a positive. He came home one day and said he had the best recess ever! They were playing on a hill and they decided to roll down and even the teachers joined in. They are so involved with the students and truly care about each and everyone of them. They will do much about anything to make them smile and laugh. So thank you!" - Becky B, SVA

"What parent wants their Kindergartner (or any school age child) to be introduced to school during a pandemic? Yikes! The "normal" hustle and bustle of the beginning of the school year, the introduction of the tiny village of classmates and classroom, and the excitement for the integration into a scholastic environment would all be absent. Or would it?!

My daughter began virtual learning online in August with Mrs. Melody Childers at Piner Elementary. As you can imagine, getting a five-year-old to sit still is akin to harnessing a hyena and asking it to pay attention! Throughout Mrs. Childer's development of the online curriculum, she increasingly fostered a loving, compassionate, and welcoming environment that was engaging, organized, and full of collaboration with the other Piner teachers.

I teach online at a local university, so I am very familiar with the pitfalls and successes that accompany distance learning. To be able to witness a show of solidarity and comradery from Mrs. Childers was truly astounding and heartwarming. She has demonstrated a calm and refreshing demeanor amidst herding all of the children each and every day in front of their computers all while simultaneously managing technology and choosing empathy as a response for both parent and student alike. She problem-solved at levels typically found within a technological team and readily worked to create content that was thoughtful, applicable, and appropriate for the students.

Now that they are attending in person five days a week, I have watched my child blossom with her love of just two weeks. She is full of wonder and excitement each day to see Mrs. Childers.

There's something wholesome and uplifting to have the opportunity to watch Mrs. Childers integrate into this foreign style of teaching with such grace. The amount of gratitude my husband and I have for Mrs. Childers, the accompanying teachers, and staff is unparalleled. Mrs. Childers graciously accepts, and lovingly demonstrates, the proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child"." - Amy V., Piner

"Mrs. Franklin, who teaches English Language Arts is such an incredible teacher and person! She never leaves a student out and goes out of her way to make sure we are doing well. She really wants to get to know us and she’s extremely helpful and kind in everything she does for us. Thank you, Mrs. Franklin! I am so fortunate to have you as a teacher!" - Mia Z., Woodland

"Mrs. Bragg is a 1st grade teacher at Whites Tower Elementary. I have an 7 year old who had her as a teacher last year, and 6 year old who has her this year as a teacher. Mrs. Bragg has been nearly flawless in her teaching and approach as a virtual teacher since the pandemic. Mrs. Bragg goes above and beyond in her teaching and letting her students know they are loved, supported and valued. She is patient, kind and makes learning fun! My 6 year old who is currently in Mrs. Bragg's class struggles with reading. Mrs. Bragg started small virtual reading groups and they have not only increased my daughters reading skills but have also boosted her confidence. Mrs. Bragg is second to none, and I am so grateful to have her as my child's teacher. Mrs. Bragg's passion for teaching is always evident, she is truly a Mr. Rogers in the KCSD!!" - Britney W., White's Tower

"Paula Rust! Paula went above and beyond in support of YSA when we began school face to face at NKU on August 17. She has provided training for me, and attended a plethora of meetings, often working beyond normal hours to make sure our kids are safe and I am supported. I am so grateful for her leadership during COVID!" -Amanda D., NKU  Young Scholars Academy


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My daughter is new to White’s Tower this year and has enjoyed every second of it. Her teacher, Mrs. Fuller, has gone above and beyond to make sure each student’s individual needs are being met- even virtually! It’s amazing. She has worked hard to form a relationship with students and make learning (even in front of a screen) FUN! She loved the welcome back parade and getting to see everyone before the first big day! Thank you, WTE! - Jessica M., White's Tower




Being a first year teacher, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In a way, we are all first year teachers. That is why I feel blessed to be apart of the Falcon team; we all learn from each other. There are days where I feel overwhelmed, but then I think about all the progress I’ve made and knowledge I’ve gained. Some may say I am crazy for starting my career this year. Maybe I am. But I wouldn’t call it crazy, I would call it passion. Here at the Fort we are passionate, patient, and committed. It is a Beautiful Day in the KCSD because virtual or not, we love our students all the same! -Shamira B., Fort Wright


"On of our recent graduates, Juliena Chadwell, was awarded a Coast Guard Foundation Scholarship." - Craig R., Simon Kenton

When all of your teachers welcome you and they are (always) so willing to help during this hard time. They are always so willing to help you in any way they can and they are always so bright! The community is always so helpful and so are other student(s) so willing to help you find classes and find (easier) ways to get there. -Emma B., Simon Kenton

"Meredith Perkins won first place in a $2,000 essay contest prize coordinated by the United States Court of Appeals 6th Circuit. She competed against all entrants from Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee." -Craig R., Simon Kenton