KCSD students participate in STLP competition


Several KCSD students participated in the Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) state competition in Lexington on Wednesday, April 20.

Dixie Heights High School

  • The "Dixie Chicks" Project finished in the Top 20
  • Ben Bumgarner placed 2nd in the Georgetown College Robot Use competition
  • Braden Blackburn placed 2nd in the original photo essay category
  • Audrey Marovich was a finalist in the Book Trailer category
  • Hannah Tolle's "Chelsea Ryann Festival of Hope" project was a semi-finalist in the feature video category

Dixie Heights STLP Team


Woodland Middle School sixth grader Landon Kuhn was a semi-finalist in the logo design category.

Landon Kuhn Landon Kuhn STLP logo


Ignite Institute 

  • 2nd place in the Newscast Challenge
  • Top 6 in Cinemania
  • Lead Technology Engineer 2022 Outstanding STLP Ambassador (Jessica Thompson)
  • "Ohio Pet Sanctuary" - presented
  • "Marketing and Branding for the Crittenden Baptist Community Church" - presented
  • "Community Center" - presented

Caywood Elementary also presented two projects at the state competition - "Comets' Calm Corner" and "Supplies 'R' Us"

Caywood STLP


Nearly 14,000 students, educators, volunteers, community members and parents from across the state joined the event to watch preschool through 12th grade students showcase what they know and can do with technology in arts, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and demonstrate many career-ready skills. Students participated in nearly 50 different STLP competition areas, like robotics, coding, web design and newscasting.

STLP students created projects, products or services as part of the program and demonstrated their learning by competing in various technology-rich events, including instructional, technical or community development projects; digital content creation such as digital art, photography, design, programming, app development and robotics; and technical services, like student help desk, network engineering and wireless applications.

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