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Summer Private Swim Lessons Available at KCSD Aquatics Center at Scott High School

Private swim lessons are available this summer at the KCSD Aquatics Center at Scott High School!

Private swim lessons allow the participant to work at a personalized level to achieve swim goals.  Private swim lessons are a great way to help swimmers focus on a particular skill, or to help overcome a fear of the water.

Private swim lessons are available by appointment only and are open to the community.

Benefits of private swim lessons:

  • One on one attention
  • Customized learning
  • Class length

Available options include: 

Ages 3 and up

30 minute sessions (single student)                                       

  • 3 sessions: $85
  • 5 sessions: $125         

30 Minute Buddy Lesson (2 students) 

  • 3 sessions:$130
  • 5 sessions:  $190

Technique Lessons:  these lessons are for our skilled swimmers looking to improve competitive swim skills such as arm stroke, flip turns, and starts.

60 minute lesson Single Student                                 

  • 1 lesson:  $40
  • 5 lessons:  $185

60 minute lesson Buddy (2 students)

  • 1 lesson:  $55
  • 5 lessons: $250

To schedule your private swim lesson sessions or for more information contact:

Sandy Arnold

Kenton County Schools Aquatics Coordinator