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Instructional Resources

When schools and districts across the state develop and implement a coherent, high-quality curriculum grounded in the Kentucky Academic Standards, measure learning through a system of balanced assessment, and support teachers with high-quality instructional resources and evidence-based instructional practices, they provide a more equitable environment for all. As educators across a school or district work together to implement the local curriculum, it helps ensure each student has equal access to the same content, knowledge and/or skills regardless of teacher or school they attend. (p.10 Kentucky Department of Education Model Curriculum Framework)

Below is a link to a dashboard of all approved instructional resources (textbooks, software, programs, etc.) that have been submitted by principals to our district team as of September 13, 2022.  This list will not show individual websites, articles, video clips, etc. as these resources are often determined and adjusted during instruction based on student data and need.  To provide clarity and guidance for teachers in selecting appropriate resources for instruction, we utilize our KCSD Instructional Statement.  This is a very robust process as our schools utilize multiple resources to deliver standards based instruction to students.  If there is a resource that is being utilized that has not been submitted for review, we will review and update this dashboard accordingly.  Additionally, our district board policy and procedure outline our process around this work. 

KCSD Approved Instructional Resources

To review the curriculum by level and content, please click on Departments and then Academic Support of our website to find the state standards as well as the district curriculum maps/timelines.  

The district will continue to maintain this dashboard and it will be accessible on the district website.  If you have any questions or feedback around this process or these instructional resources, please contact Shawna Harney, Chief Academic Officer.