Using the SMART Board for Review Activities

You must have the Smart Notebook software version 10 installed on your computer to download these files.

Preview and Download These Interactive Integrated Review Activities for Use With the SMART Board
*Although these review activitity templates may be set up for one subject, they are easily adaptable to other subjects.
Review Activity Preview Download
 Boggle  Preview Boggle  Download Boggle
 Bunsen Burners & Rockets  Preview Bunsen Burners & Rockets  Download Bunsen Burners & Rockets
 Chutes & Ladders  Preview Chutes & Ladders  Download Chutes & Ladders
 Connect Four  Preview Connect Four  Download Connect Four
 Fly Swatter  Preview Fly Swatter  Download Fly Swatter
 Games Sampler  Preview Games Sampler  Download Games Sampler
 Golf  Preview Golf  Download Golf
 Hollywood Squares  Preview Hollywood Squares  Download Hollywood Squares
Jeopardy  Preview Jeopardy  Download Jeopardy
 Jeopardy Pull Tabs  Preview Jeopardy Pull Tabs  Download Jeopardy Pull Tabs
 Jeopardy Template  Preview Jeopardy Template  Download Jeopardy Template
 Millionaire  Preview Millionaire  Download Millionaire
 Monopoly  Preview Monopoly  Download Monopoly
 Sorry  Preview Sorry   Download Sorry
 Trivia Pursuit  Preview Trivia Pursuit  Download Trivia Pursuit
 Who Wants to be a Millionaire?  Preview Millionaire  Download Millionaire
 Yahtzee  Preview Yahtzee  Download Yahtzee
 Koosh Ball  Preview Koosh Ball  Download Koosh Ball