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Home and Hospital Instruction

Home/Hospital Instruction is a program offered by the Kenton County School District for students to help minimize learning disruptions resulting from an absence.

Students who anticipate an absence of five or more consecutive school days (after application approval) due to a medical condition may qualify for Home/Hospital Instruction.

The school or the parent can initiate the Home/Hospital Instruction application process.

The application must be completed by both a parent/guardian AND appropriate medical provider and returned to the school as soon as possible prior to anticipated absence. Home/Hospital Applications are available by contacting your child's school to speak to the school Home Hospital Building Coordinator.

The completed application is then reviewed by the Home/Hospital Instruction Committee per state guidelines.

Following review, the parents will be notified by the school and, if approved, home visits will be scheduled for one hour (twice) each five school days from approval date during the approved period.

Parents will be advised regarding the approval timeline.

Home/Hospital Instruction is short-term instruction for students temporarily unable to attend school.  It is not designed to take the place of a more appropriate school placement.