Study Skills

How to Create a Digital Escape Room:

Word/Email Basics Quiz--

Week One---Day 1--Introduction/Class Rules and Expectations

                     Day 2--Login, Introduction to Class Webpage, Email--Email Ms. Cornett an introduction to yourself

                     Day 3--Exploring KYVL---We will explore the options available on the Kentucky Virtual Library.

Week Two--Day 1--Boolean Search techniques

                    Day 2--Formatting in Word, Sharing Documents, "Get to Know You" Word Assignment

                    Day 3/4--Internet Safety--Digital Driver's License

                    Day 5--Identifying Reference Materials

Week Three---Day 1--Kenton County Public Library and KYVL review

                    Day 2--Evaluating Websites--- and


                    Day 3--Evaluating Websites-- and Powerpoint

                    Day 4--Cummulinating Activity--Evaluate two websites and determine which contains fake news

Big 6 Research Project---

Keyboarding Practice--

Google Docs Instructional Videos and Notes--

Anti-Bullying Pledge--

Google Docs Assignment-- 

Google Slides Assignment-- 


Google Slides--You are going to describe a teacher here at TFMS.  You will be in a group with the person sitting at the table beside you.  Login to your google account.  The group leader--Click on the Slides icon and share your file with your group mates and Ms. Cornett.  Everyone else in the group open the Google Drive and click on Shared with Me.  You should see the file appear.  You are to create a minimum of 6 slides desribing what the teacher is like, pictures of him/her if available, subject taught, location of classroom, fun/creative activities, etc.