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The safety of students and staff is a primary concern in The Kenton County School District. We believe that parents, students, teachers, administrators, and support staff members all have roles in keeping our schools safe. 


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While we cannot share the all of the exact details of our security plans, we wanted to share a few measures already in place:

  • All schools have crisis plans and safety plans in place.
  • School resource officers are based at each high and middle school. The officers handle all law enforcement matters that occur within the school. Officers act as mentors, mediators, teachers, police officers, friends and confidants to the students.
  • All exterior doors to all schools are kept locked. Visitors must utilize a buzzer for door release.
  • District expectation is that all classroom doors are kept locked during school hours.
  • School buses are equipped with video cameras.
  • Video surveillance systems are in place in all secondary schools to record activities in school hallways and outdoor areas. 
  • Dress codes and behavior codes are enforced by each school.
  • Mental Health intervention services are available daily from school guidance counselors, school psychologists, social workers, and chemical dependency specialists.
  • All school system employees wear identity badges, and all visitors mush sign in at the front office and wear a visitor badge.
  • Numbers identifying each room from the exterior of the building are in place at several schools.
  • Emergency drills are tracked monthly. Schools do four lockdown drills per year.
  • Radio systems are in place throughout all buildings.
  • All schools can communicate announcements over a phone intercom.
  • The ALICE program is practiced throughout the district. All staff receives ALICE training. Each school has a safety plan and safety bags.
  • Written emergency plans are coordinated with first responders.
  • Strong traffic patterns are in place around our schools.
  • There is a safety tipline for students to call or text. 859-341-KIDS (5437).
  • All schools utilize PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies)
  • Guidance counselors are in every school
  • The district has a crisis team and trauma response team when needed.
  • Multiple staff at every school are trained in SCM, Medication and CPR
  • School nurses are in place at every school.
  • Playgrounds are inspected daily
  • All schools have supervision plans
  • Bleachers are inspected independently
  • All schools and the district utilize the Bright Arrow notification system

We are doing all within our power to take sensible, rational steps to improve the safety and security of our schools and all those who occupy them -- students and staff alike. Parents play a role in this, too, by encouraging their own children to refrain from activities that might put others in harm's way. More importantly, we must recognize that children play a key role in helping to keep our schools safe. Students must continually be given the message that, if a threat to safety and security is suspected, it's OK to tell an adult. That message to students, clearly given by parents and educators, can do much to keep everyone safe.