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Stop Bullying Behaviors!

LIVE BY THE “SIX PILLARS OF EXPECTED BEHAVIOR”   (KRS 158.154, 158.155, 158.156)
Treat others as you would like to be treated – Respectful, Trustworthy, Responsible, Citizenship, Caring and Fair.
Kentucky Anonymous Tip Line 

Link to report suspicious activity

What is Bullying and/or Cyber-Bullying? Bullying and/or Cyber-Bullying is defined as any intentional, written, electronic (i.e., Internet, Youtube, e-mail, text messages, picture phones); verbal or physical act or actions against another person that a reasonable person knows will have the effect of:
  • Placing a person in reasonable fear of harm to his or her emotional or physical well-being or
  • Creating a hostile, threatening, humiliating or abusive educational environment due to the pervasiveness or persistence of actions or due to a power imbalance between the bully and the target or
  • Interfering with a student having a safe school environment that is necessary for successful educational performance, opportunities or benefits or
  • Perpetuating bullying by inciting, soliciting or coercing an individual or group to demean, dehumanize, embarrass or cause emotional, psychological or physical harm to another person.

Because we believe every student deserves a safe learning environment, the Kenton County School District is committed to dealing with bullying behaviors in our schools. To help the student who is the target of bullying behaviors:
  1. We strive to identify the student who is using bullying behaviors, administer consequences for bullying behavior and help our students learn new ways of relating to others.
  2.  We educate our school community of the serious impact of bullying behaviors in order to respond consistently to all instances of bullying.
  3.  We report incidents to law enforcement as required by state statutes.

What do bullying behaviors look like? 
  • Inappropriate physical contact, including hitting, kicking, shoving, pushing 
  • Intimidating and threatening comments either verbal, written or electronic 
  • Name calling or put-downs 
  • Malicious manipulation of others to do things they don’t want to do 
  • Setting someone up to be bullied 
  • Excluding from the group 
  • Spreading rumors or hurtful gossip 
  • Stalking 
  • Hurtful teasing or making fun of someone 
  • Harassment 
  • Hiding or destroying someone’s belongings 
  • Standing by and watching bullying behavior


Are you being bullied?            

  1. Tell a trusted adult what is happening (like your parents, teacher, principal, bus driver or guidance counselor)
  2. Stay in a group so you won’t be an easy target and so others can help. 
  3. Try to stand up to the person who is bullying you. Tell him/her you do not like it, what he/she is doing is wrong, and you want it stopped. 
  4. Make a joke. Sometimes humor can make a bad situation more manageable. 
  5. Remember it’s not your fault; no one deserves bullying.     

 Do you bully others?

  1. Think about what you are doing and how it makes others feel. Think about their feelings, and then don’t do it! 
  2. Hurting others and making them feel bad is never cool. Think how you feel when you’re hurt.
  3. Talk to an adult if you are not sure why you bully others or how to stop, you need to talk about it. A trusted parent, teacher or counselor can help you change.
  4. Treat others as you would like to be treated.  

Do you witness bullying?     

  1. Support someone who is being bullied. Spend time and include him in activities or just talk to show you care. 
  2. Stand up to the person doing the bullying. Try to get other kids to join you. It’s not easy, but it works. When a bully sees that other kids don’t think bullying is cool, he’s more likely to stop. 
  3. Report bullying to an adult. Kids who are bullied may fear things will just get worse if they talk about it; kids who know they can’t get away with bullying may stop.     

Specific steps to reporting bullying behavior:
If you or someone you know is being bullied or know of any unsafe conditions please report to any Kenton County Employee (teacher, counselor, advisor, principal, secretary).

Employees are expected to take reasonable and prudent action in situations involving student welfare and safety, including following District policy requirements for intervening and reporting to the Principal or to their immediate supervisor those situations that threaten, harass, or endanger the safety of students, other
staff members, or visitors to the school or District. Such instances shall include, but are not limited to, bullying or hazing of students and harassment/discrimination of staff, students or visitors by any party. Students who believe they have been a victim of bullying or who have observed other students being bullied shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, report it. Bullying reports should be made in person, orally over the phone, or in writing to school administrators.

In serious instances of peer-to-peer bullying/hazing/harassment, employees must report to the alleged victim’s Principal, as directed by Board policy 09.42811. The Principal/designee shall investigate and address alleged incidents of such misbehavior. In each school building, the Principal is the person responsible for receiving reports of harassment/discrimination at the building level. Otherwise, reports of harassment/discrimination may be made directly to the office of the Superintendent. Additionally, if sexual discrimination or harassment is being alleged, reports may be made directly to the District Title IX Coordinator. Complaints of harassment/discrimination, whether verbal or written, shall lead to a documented investigation. Without a report being made to the Principal, Superintendent or Title IX/Equity Coordinator, the District shall not be deemed to have received a complaint of harassment/ discrimination.

In applicable cases, employees must report bullying and hazing to appropriate law enforcement authorities and complete documentation as required by the District’s harassment/discrimination policies covering federally protected areas.

If your child is involved in an incident related to KRS 158.156, the Principal shall notify
parents/guardians in writing and create an incident report with police if required.


We believe much student misbehavior is a result of bullying.
Therefore, in The Kenton County School District all bullying behavior is unacceptable!