Our School Day

Important Numbers for Parents:


Preschool Offices and Registration is located at Kenton County Board of Education

Contact them at 859-957-2632 for more information.


Bus Transportation Office:  859-356-0253 (students who ride the bus are not counted as tardy if the bus is late)


Taylor Mill Café Office Manager: 859-356-9073  All breakfast and lunch account questions should be directed to the café.  The main office does not have access to student meal accounts.

**MEAL PAY is available on our website under the Parents drop down menu.

Additional Info

Taylor Mill School Day:

Doors open at 7:50


Supervised Arrival between 7:50-8:40


Breakfast 8:20-8:40


Students may begin to go to the classroom at 8:20


Classes begin at 8:40 (students report to homeroom)



Preschool AM 8:40-11:40 (no Preschool on Friday’s)

Preschool PM 12:31-3:31 (no Preschool on Friday’s)


Classes end at 3:31

Bus & Car Dismissal begins at 3:31


Each and every moment from 8:40-3:31 count for attendance. 

Late or Early dismissals void Perfect Attendance Awards.