Thank you for trying out for the 2021 Turkey Foot Archery team. If you do not see your tryout number below and would like to know what you can work on before next year’s tryouts please email Coach Powers (be sure to state your archer’s name and tryout number). 

If you have made the team please follow the directions below. 


The 2021 TFMS Archery Team: (not in any specific order) 


    22           13         20

    1             14         16

    23           15         17

    24            19        18

    10            21        27

    8              26        11


If you made the team by Sunday, 1/17, please do the following:

  1. Sign up for the team Remind: Text phrase        @tfmsarch      to number 81010 

  2. Email the coach the following information 

    1. Archer’s name 

    2. Archer’s shirt size for their team shirt 

    3.        Any additional email addresses you want info to be sent to. .             

  3. Mark your calendars for the first practice          1/23 from 9a-11a              . 

Same check in procedure will be followed as tryouts. You do not need to fill out another paper covid screener. 



If you have your own personal Genesis Bow it may be used.

If you do not have a personal bow the school will provide you with one.

You may NOT bring your own arrows.


Cost Per Season: $115 Athletic fee due after tryouts are concluded and you make the team (includes tournament fees)



Questions email Athletic Director:

Archery Season at a Glance:

Any TFMS child is able to participate sports no matter which learning model they choose (hybrid, synchronous, or virtual)


There is one coed team composed of : 6th, 7th and 8th graders

Due to Covid restrictions NASP is limiting the number of archers at tournaments.

TFMS will be keeping no more than 18 archers this season.


Length of the 2020-21 season: Will being after tryouts in January and last no longer than early April.

  We are unsure of what state or regionals will look like this year.


Tournament schedule has not been finalized.


CDC guidelines, KHSAA recommendations, and County guidelines will be followed at practices and games during the season.

Makes will be required at all times, even while shooting.


 Practices will be on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings until the week of Feb 21st, then days will vary throughout the week.


Cost: $115 athletic fee (cash or check “TFMS Athletics”)

Collected after team has been determined



Please note this year there will not be flexibility of archers being allowed to choose which tournaments they wish to enter due to conflicts. If your archer makes the team it is mandatory, they attend all tournaments. Due to NASP limiting the amount of archers if they miss then our scores will not count as a team.




Questions Email Athletic Director: